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Do you have personalised number plates on your vehicle?

Do you have personalised number plates on your vehicle?  Many of the Roads and Transport bodies across Australia are now offering great range of colours, sizes and styles in number plates.

Increasingly car owners are purchasing personalised number plates to express their individuality, enhance the look of their vehicle and to stand out from the crowd.

Trouble is, without a good quality number plate protector, these personalised plates are subject to damage from road debris, bad weather, sun damage as well as potential dings and scratches from other cars.

These plates can be costly and frequently incur an ongoing annual fee as well.  If you need your plate remade you are looking at possibly a few hundred dollars.

Did you know you can protect your personalised plates with an ALTREX NUMBER PROTECTORS for as little as $40!

It’s so easy to protect your investment and keep your plates looking as good as the day you bought them. Altrex make covers for every size and style in Australia.  With the best range, great quality and fantastic customer service you can’t go wrong with an Altrex Number Plate Protector.

Remember, it’s your car, but it’s OUR passion.


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