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Have you experienced Road Rage?
According to Monash University 93% of us have and it’s a growing concern facing all drivers.
Curb the Rage is a road safety initiative and the brain child of Bathurst champion David Reynolds. The campaign aims to bring awareness to this important issue and help the community overcome the challeng through education, support and corporate sponsorship.
Altrex is proud and excited to be part of this initiative. We have created a limited-edition air freshener to support the “Chill” campaign. We hope all our customers will get on board and support this great initiative by purchasing one of these fantasic new air fresheners.
Please see our Promotional Products section or take a look at the Frsh Scents Range to see more!

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Fresh New Products for Spring!

We are excited to share the scent-sational new range of air fresheners in the iconic Little Trees brand. Little Trees Fiber Cans provide contemporary fragrance that lasts and lasts. Check out the awesome new fragrances and your old favourites in our Little Trees range.

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Check out our latest Hot Deals!

Click on the Promotional Products link at the top of the page to see our latest offers and special promotions. Whether it’s one of our top sellers or a brand new product, there are plenty of great deals coming up! Don’t miss out! Click on the link to see our current hot deal!

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Replacement Clips Now Available Online

Replacement clips for your favourite number plate protectors are now available from the Altrex store!
Why not grab a spare pack today and keep them in your glove compartment?

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CarPlan Professional Valet Car Care Now Available

Professional Range Images

Altrex is proud to announce our newest range of car care chemicals. Contact us on 02 9905 5055 for more details!

The CarPlan Professional range consists of specially developed, technically superior, formulations benchmarked against and that exceed the performance of leading competitor products.

The CarPlan Professional range consists of every type of cleaning product required by the self-employed mobile car valeter, hand car wash and independent garage, where time and product performance are of the utmost importance. The technically superior formulations help to build customer loyalty by creating outstanding cleaning performance, each and every time.

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Father’s Day 2015 Super Special – FREE delivery on kits!

Get Dad a gift he will LOVE and most importantly USE this Father’s Day. Our amazing range of restoration kits are just $39.99 and until 4/9/15 we will deliver them to your door freight free!


Our kits are just what Dad needs to restore paintwork, headlights, leather interiors, soft tops and wheels! Save $11 on your order with our free freight offer.

Facebook Father's Day 2015

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Altrex “How To Channel” Now Live!

The Altrex “How to” Channel” gives customers and retailers alike invaluable information about our range of products.

From how to attach a number plate to how to apply window film, the Altrex How To Channel is your one-stop source for all things Altrex!

Check it out by clicking here:



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Behind the Wheel Weekly Podcast now available to Altrex subscribers!


Australia’s premier motoring podcast “Behind the Wheel” is now available directly to Altrex fans via our website.  Each week you will be able to directly access the latest in interesting and useful information on cars and motoring. 

Hosted by automotive commentator & radio professional Chris Miller, regular contributors include motoring expert Paul Maric and motorcycle specialist Steve McDowall.

Simply click on the link on our home page and you are set!


Getting out on track, how hard is it to take your car out to have some fun? We’ll catch up with Caradvice founder Alborz Fallah to find out.

Behind the Wheel hosts Paul Maric and Chris Miller compare notes on the new BMW 4 Series. Is the Subaru WRX STi too much for everyday use? Joel Helmes says no!

We catch up with HSV General Manager of marketing and product planning Damon Paul to discuss that Cameron Smith stunt and the future of HSV after the Commodore.

And you could win a Kia sports and technology pack, all that and more this week on the Behind the Wheel podcast



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Restore your car’s paintwork! from Altrex

It’s one thing to keep your car clean with regular washes and waxes. 

The fact is, over time, no matter how frequently you wash your car, build up from dirt, road debris, environmental pollutants, bugs and tar will sink deep into your car’s paintwork and no regular wash and wax will remove it.

The result is dull and lacklustre paintwork.  The inevitable chips, scratches and rust spots will also detract from the look of your car.  If you leave these surface contaminants, scratches and rust spots you risk permanently damaging the paintwork.

Now there is a product range in Australia dedicated to restoring your car to its original glory – T-Cut.  T-Cut is a whole new range of car care products for the car enthusiast who wants their car to maintain its showroom finish all year round. 

Is it time to restore your car’s paintwork? Is it time for T-Cut?

Maybe you  want your car to look like it did when it was brand new!

Maybe you are selling your car and you want to get the best possible price!

Whatever your restoration problem is, T-Cut has the answer!


Ingrained road grime, tar spots, dried insects and oxidation will all damage your car’s paintwork and detract from its look.  Exposure to sun, pollution and the environment will all make your car’s paintwork appear dull and lacklustre over time.

While regular washing and waxing is critical to keep your car looking good, there comes a time where you need to really show your car some serious TLC and get rid of the built up muck, pollution and grime.  It actually is possible to return your car’s paintwork to ‘like new’ and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

With just a few simple products from T-Cut you can bring back the original shine to your car’s paintwork as well as increase its value and visual-appeal.

  • We are going to show you how to remove all the built up dirt, oxidisation and debris from your car’s paintwork.
  • We are going to show you which products to use to restore the colour and mirror like finish to your car’s paintwork.
  • We are going to show you how to repair scratches and fix rust spots. 

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Incredible New Product from T-Cut! T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit

The latest offering from T-Cut is bound to impress anyone with yellowing, foggy or scratched headlights!

The T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit is a specially designed compound and sealant that works together to rejuvenate back to a “like new” crystal clear finish. Created to improve headlight clarity and light visibility by removing abrasions and haziness from uncoated clear, plastic headlights. The compound plus sealant combination leaves the treated area brilliantly clear, polished and protected. This kit does not require the use of drills or tools and is the ideal solution for do-it-yourself remedy that is effective and easy to use.

Behind the Wheel – the well respected radio show – has reviewed the product and, suffice to say, they love it!

“I was absolutely blown-away by how good this product is. In just a couple of minutes it took a tired old headlight that was ready for the scrapyard and returned to an as-good-as-new condition.  If any product deserves a full 10/10 score, its this!”

Grab some today!



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