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Alpena 28″ LED Litz Strip White

Alpena 28" LED Litz Strip White
Alpena 28'' LED Litz Strip
Part Number : ALP77015

LED Litz provide a bright glow no matter where you mount them on your vehicle. LED Litz strips are self-adhesive, extremely flexible and can be cut to fit anywhere you want light. Headlights, mirrors, grilles or other tight spaces are not a problem for LED Litz. After rigorous testing and grading, the LEDs are chosen from a scale of 1-132. Made with high quality machinery using premium-grade materials, Alpena LEDs are durable and bright.
Cut to size
Self-adhesive with 3M foam tape
Water resistant
Brand: Alpena
Product Dimensions: 42.2402cm x 9.2202cm x 4.445cm